Alpha Leon Enterprises offloads 25 lakh shares in Reliance Home Finance

NEW DELHI: Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group companies' shares worth over Rs 3.31 crore were offloaded through open market transactions on Thursday.

According to bulk deal data on the National Stock Exchange (NSE),YES Bank sold 90.5 lakh shares of Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd at an average price of Rs 1.25 per scrip, taking the total deal value to Rs 1.13 crore.

On the NSE, the shares of Reliance Naval and Engineering ended at Rs 1.25, up 4.17 per cent, on Thursday.

As per a separate transaction,Alpha Leon Enterprises LLP offloaded 25 lakh shares worth Rs 23.75 lakh in Reliance Home Finance Ltd.

The shares were sold at Rs 0.95 apiece.

The scrip of Reliance Home Finance on the NSE ended at Rs 0.95, up 5.56 per cent.

Separately, investor Swapnil Mehta sold 29.5 lakh shares ofReliance Capital Ltdfor Rs 1.94 crore at the rate of Rs 6.6 apiece.

Additionally, as per another bulk deal, Pinnacle Ventures purchased 20 lakh shares of Reliance Capital for Rs 1.32 crore.

Reliance Capital, on the NSE, closed the counter at Rs 6.6, higher 4.76 per cent.

On Wednesday, Florida Retirement System picked up shares worth over Rs 72.18 crore in Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, through an open market transaction on the NSE.

A little over 51.09 lakh scrips were bought at an average price of Rs 141.29 apiece.


April 24, 2020

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