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DHL Global Forwarding opens first Indian temperature-controlled facility

DHL Global Forwarding, the freight forwarding specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group has opened its first temperature-controlled facility in India to meet the growing demand for reliable temperature-controlled transportation from point of departure to arrival.

Located in the cargo satellite building close to the airport in Hyderabad, the new facility offers conditioning of packaging materials in different chambers for varying temperatures up to -20 degrees celsius, successfully meeting the stringent needs of pharmaceutical shipments.

“To meet the intricate requirements of each life science and healthcare shipment, our goal is to ensure that all goods are vigilantly handled by DHL’s core team of professionals with customised end-to-end solutions,” said Niki Frank, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding, India. “By sending pre-conditioned packaging units to our customers’ premises to pick up temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines, we ensure that the highest possible integrity of temperature control is achieved within the supply chain during export.”

The Hyderabad facility of the leading international freight forwarder is a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant network station in India. Following stringent guidelines, it meets the needs of customers, ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical shipments by offering a higher level of delivery performance.

In addition to the ability to process and pre-condition passive packaging solutions for the transportation of temperature-controlled shipments from manufacturer to end-customer, this facility offers online temperature monitoring and SMS alerts with all data available for download from a cloud-hosted service.

Home to over 2500 pharmaceutical companies, Hyderabad has a dominant position in the pharmaceutical industry in India, ranking first in the manufacturing of bulk drugs and third in formulations in the country. With an expected increase of 20 per cent in pharmaceutical exports annually, Hyderabad is often dubbed as the ‘Vaccine Hub of India’ with the country’s leading vaccine producers based in this city. The clinical trial sector in Hyderabad has also witnessed a steep rise with several prominent clinical trial companies housed here.

Source: http://www.cargoconnect.co.in/infrastructure/dhlglobal-forwarding-opens-first-indian-temperature-controlled-facility/

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