Haryana departments to have property tax head in their budgets

PANCHKULA: The Haryana government has asked all its departments to create a property tax head in their budgets under the expenses category, so that they can disburse the same to the municipal corporations concerned on time, said an informed source. According to him, chief minister M L Khattar held a meeting of municipal corporations across the state, in which the latter raised the issue of delayed payment of property tax by the government departments, causing substantial financial losses to the civic bodies. Considering this, the chief minister reportedly asked various departments to create a separate head for the purpose. However, such directive has not been issued for the first time, said an official, adding that earlier also a similar provision was made in the budgets of all departments. But, this time, since the instruction has been given by the chief minister after the municipal bodies raised a complaint before him, it is likely to yield the desired results.

The official said this move would help the corporation by ensuring timely release of tax, which is an annual struggle for the civic bodies. Referring to the Panchkula municipal corporation, he said there is pendency of Rs 185 crore in taxes from both residents and government offices, and the MC has start issuing notices to them. In Panchkula, top defaulters of property tax are DSP office, Sector 6, Gymkhana Club, Sector 6, Shakti Bhawan, Sector 6, Shalimar Mall and Police Community Hub, Sector 14, among others. Notice sent to various government office are available on the site of Panchkula municipal corporation. Despite repeated requests, nothing has been heard from these offices. Under this situation the only option left for the corporation is to seal these premises and fix their auction, in line with the provisions of Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994.

Source: https://realty.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/regulatory/haryana-departments-to-have-property-tax-head-in-their-budgets/74566955

March 10, 2020

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