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In a push to logistics sector, Centre working on draft legislation

The Centre is preparing a draft legislation on logistics with a view to promoting the growth of the sector and replace the existing multimodal transportation of goods law, an official said. The efficiency in logistics comes from end-to-end services, and hence the document will not just focus on multi-modal transport, Department of Commerce Special Secretary (Logistics) Pawan Kumar Agarwal said, while speaking at a webinar organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

"The government in the process of drafting the National Logistics Efficiency Advancement Predictability and Safety (NLEAPS) Act," a statement quoted him as saying. Agarwal invited opinions from all stakeholders in making the draft legislation which he said was "beyond just a logistics document".This tends to define various participants of logistics space and create a light regulatory ecosystem, he said.

Some apps will be introduced soon to ensure real-time visibility across the supply chain, Agarwal said. According to sources, India's logistics sector is highly fragmented and the government aims at reducing the transportation cost to make industries competitive in international markets.

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