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Kerala: Limit on document registrations per day

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Public works and registration ministerG Sudhakaranhas directed the sub-registrar offices across the state to limit document registrations per day to 20, to avoid queues and crowding in the wake ofCovid-19threat in the state.

“A direction in this regard has been issued to the registration inspector general, who will be taking necessary measures for implementation of the decision,” said a statement issued by the minister here on Monday.

The government, he said, had decided to increase the fair value of land by 10% from April 1, 2020, and the sub-registrar offices were witnessing a huge rush these days.

In view of this, a request has been made to the state finance department to withhold the increase in the land fair price till May 15, 2020, the statement said. Besides, the deadline for onetime settlement of undervaluation of documents and that of arrears due from charitable societies has been extended to September 30, the statement said.

Priority will be given to registration of various welfare schemes which have the government’s financial assistance. The decisions were taken after discussions with the registration inspector general, joint inspector general and other officials in the department, the minister said in the statement.

March 24, 2020

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