Mahindra Logistics adds 7.5 lakh sq ft warehousing capacity in Hyderabad, Chennai

The facilities allow the company to provide flexible and scalable fulfillment and integrated distribution solutions, Mahindra Logistics Ltd (MLL) said in a release.

Mumbai: Third party logistics services provider Mahindra Logistics on Thursday said it has launched over 7.5 lakh sq ft area to its existing 'built-to-suit' warehousing capacity in Hyderabad and Chennai, besides creating an additional 10 lakh sq ft flex warehousing space ahead of the festive season.

The facilities allow the company to provide flexible and scalable fulfillment and integrated distribution solutions, Mahindra Logistics LtdNSE 1.94 % (MLL) said in a release.

"Continuing our efforts in growing the non-Mahindra business, MLL continues to expand its warehousing capacity and is focused on tapping the huge potential in warehousing spaces across all regions," Mahindra Logistics CEO and Managing Director Rampraveen Swaminathan said.

"With the launch of these large spaces, we look forward to continued business growth from existing as well as potential customers from all regions," Swaminathan added.

MLL has also deepened its focus by launching new solutions like returns processing, pop-up sort centres and integrated distribution services for its clients, Swaminathan said.

In phase one, these sites are focussing on integrated solutions for e-commerce, consumer and engineering industries, the company said.

In addition to this, with anticipation of strong demand during the forthcoming festive season, MLL has set up nearly 10 lakh sq ft of flex warehousing solutions for supporting customers, MLL said.

A considerable size of this space is also catering to large pharma companies during the pandemic, the release said, adding MLL is already gearing itself with a massive last-mile delivery roadmap to cater to the highly-anticipated Covid vaccine for its pharma clients across India.


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