Nashik civic body gives relief to property tax defaulters

NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Corporation(NMC) has decided not to impose 2% penalty on those who are unable to pay the property tax owing to the coronavirus outbreak. The waiver will be applicable for three months – from March to May.

Also, the civic body has decided to increase the incentive period for prompt tax payers by a month – from April 1 to July31. The previous incentive plan was for a period of three months starting on April 1 and ending on May 31.

A civic official said, “We are giving relief to the citizens as per the directives from municipal commissioner Radhakrishna Game. We will not slap monthly penalty on property tax defaulters for three months, but will start imposing penalty from June if the dues are not cleared.”

He added, “Property tax defaulters owe over Rs 100 crore. We could not conduct the recovery drive in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he added.

Earlier, Game had issued a circular to introduce incentive schemes for prompt tax payers who pay complete annual property tax bills during the first three months of the financial year 2020-21. Accordingly, those who pay the annual tax in April will get 5% rebate, a 3% concession for payments made in May while for those paying the tax in July will get 2% discount.

Now, the civic administration has made some marginal changes in the incentive scheme for prompt property tax payers.

“As per the new circular, those who pay complete annual property tax in April and May will get 5% concession, while those paying the taxes in June will get 3% discount. People who will pay their annual tax in July will get 2% rebate,” the official said

There : The ver 4.50 lakh property tax payers across the six divisions of the municipal corporation. These divisions are Nashik East, Nashik West, Panchavati, Nashik Road, Cidco and Satpur.


April 02, 2020

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