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Q1 2020 - Real Estate Market Pulse


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The Coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has affected millions worldwide. Industries, trade, and business cycles have been disrupted, heavily impacting global economics. Indian real estate that had begun to re-emerge from the instability of various structural changes, govt. policy reform & volatile markets has now witnessed another major fallout. Ongoing country-wide lockdown has brought all real estate activity to a screeching halt. Near zero mobility, paused construction sites aided further due to migrant labor crisis has indefinitely deferred project works and postponed occupier decisions on lease/sale. Expected recovery cycle estimated to 4-6 months in staggered phase-wise uplift. Hind side benefits to the Indian economy are though presumed in the long-term due to multiple North American (USA) & Asian (Japan + S.Korea) occupiers hedging investments from China to alternative markets thus benefiting opportunities for India....... Download full Report -

Download the full Report -

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